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Silver Lake Babe Ruth & Silver Lake Senior Babe Ruth

Silver Lake Babe Ruth League was officially formed in the Spring of 2006 when Kingston's Babe Ruth charter formally expanded to include the towns of Halifax and Plympton.

Players from Kingston, Halifax, and Plympton who are between the ages of 13-15 as of May 1st each year are welcome to play within the SLBR League.  Our spring league is not based on tryouts and all individuals within this age classification may play in the SLBR League.

Each year the league will evaluate the population of the total players, and the population of each age group.  The league will then specify the division structure for that spring.  The SLBR committee will determine whether it will be a 13 (prep) and a 14/15 division; or one combined 13-15 league.

Silver Lake Babe Ruth is a home league during the spring with teams/opponents formed from within its League.  Games and practices will take place at Kingston and Halifax fields suitable for Babe Ruth division games.

During the summer baseball season, SLBR forms all-star teams across all age groups.  In some cases, multiple teams per age/division may exist.  Participation on these teams is based on a selection process and by tryouts.  Summer league play is a travel format which may or may not include tournament play.  A significant level of commitment is expected.

SLBR League shall work closely with our SLRHS coaching staff with the intent that our League act as a feeder system to the High School program.  Coaches and player clinics, introductions and other activity will be developed over time to further align the program.

SLBR will also offer Fall baseball each year for players who will be between the ages of 13 & 15 for the next spring season.  There is a focus on introducing the Babe Ruth game to the 12 year olds to get them familiar with the game on the bigger diamond.

The Senior Babe Ruth Program has been underway for several playing seasons.  Senior Babe Ruth Baseball is for players between the ages of 16-18 as of May 1st each year.  SLBR charters this team under KYBSL and plays in the recently formed Old Colony Senior Babe Ruth League based in Middelboro.  This exciting and competitive league consists of 12-16 teams from area towns of Plymouth, Middleboro, Taunton, Duxbury, and Wareham/Carver.  Other local towns are also interested.

The Senior Babe Ruth season begins after the high school season has completed so there is no conflict with school ball.  Additionally, players may also participate in Legion ball if they are selected.

The Silver Lake Babe Ruth & Senior Babe Ruth League Committee Members:
  • John Rose - Commissioner KYBSL, Babe Ruth League Representative, Old Colony Senior Babe Ruth Representative
  • Bob Harrington - Suburban League Representative, Player Agent Kingston
  • Bruce Chenard - Babe Ruth League Representative, Player Agent Kingston
  • Jack Riordan - Player Draft Coordinator
  • Chuck Woodman - Old Colony Senior Babe Ruth League Representative, Umpire Coordinator, Player Agent Halifax
  • Mike Storey - President Halifax Youth Baseball, Silver Lake Babe Ruth Rules Chairman
  • Adam Bailey - Player Agent Plympton